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Upcoming Events

  • Jump to Cure Diabetes

    March 2015

    It’s the easiest way to experience the thrill of jumping out of a plane, while you make a big difference to T1D research. Imagine the feeling when you and your instructor step out of the plane's door up to 14,000 feet above the ground ... and freefall for at least 20 seconds at 240km per hour ... before pulling the parachute cord ... and floating to the ground with incredible views over your local area Registrations are now open!

  • JDRF Gala Ball - The Night Circus

    May 2015

    A Night Circus is coming to town... Join our band of travelling virtuoso performers as they display breathtaking wonders and exhilarating feats. This Gala will be a delightful evening to support an important cause.

    JDRF's Gala Balls take place across Australia, providing a remarkable opportunity to connect with friends, family and colleagues while supporting the mission to find a cure for T1D and its complications through the support of research. Purchase your tickets online today.


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