Jump to Cure Diabetes

Jump to Cure Diabetes

2017 Jump to Cure Diabetes

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There are many reasons why people jump out of a plane. Some people jump when they reach a milestone, some people jump to show their support of someone with type 1 diabetes, some jump as a team building activity and others jump to face their fear. Now you have the opportunity to Jump to Cure Diabetes with JDRF!

Imagine the feeling when you and your tandem instructor step out of the plane's door up to 14,000 feet above the ground ... and freefall for at least 20 seconds at 240km per hour ... before pulling the parachute cord ... and floating to the ground with views over the local area. Still not convinced to challenge yourself? Check out the videos below from some of our past Jumpers.

The Jump to Cure Diabetes is held across Australia. Register for the 2017 Jump to Cure Diabetes via the below link. If you require further information, please contact JDRF via jumpsupport@jdrf.org.au or call 1300 363 126.

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