Volunteer Recognition Awards

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JDRF originated as a volunteer led organisation, and the passion and dedication of those who provide time, resources, and experience is the key to our growth and the attainment of our vision of a world without type 1 diabetes. Volunteers have always been embedded in our business and hold diverse roles within JDRF, from involvement in advocacy, to Lay and Medical Review Panels, to Corporate and Family Committees, to regular office support, and much more. Volunteers are our heritage, the heart of JDRF and will be the key to our future success.

Volunteer Recognition Awards

The JDRF Volunteer Award program is intended to formally recognise and thank volunteers for the time and contribution that they generously provide to JDRF.

The winners of this Award result from nominations that demonstrate volunteers who have generously provided their time and skills to deliver a significant, positive outcome for JDRF in the last 12 months. Their impact may have been within any area and may include advocacy, fundraising, peer support, events or a program that raised awareness of JDRF and type 1 diabetes.

Winners of the 2017 Awards will be announced in August.

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