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Volunteer Recognition Award Winners 2013

JDRF is proud to be able to recognise and thank the following people who help us in our mission to deliver a better life for people with type 1 diabetes. We received a large number of nominations for each category, which reflects the passion and dedication of our volunteers. Thank you to those who nominated, and congratulations to our winners for 2013.

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National Volunteer of the Year Award Winners

National Volunteer of the Year Award

Greg Donovan

Greg has developed a new fundraising event - the Big Red Run, an ultramarathon event in the Simpson Desert. Over 50 people participated in this extreme event, raising over $150,000 and generating significant media awareness of type 1 diabetes. 

National Young Volunteer of the Year Award

Shannon Doody

Shannon has been raising money for JDRF since being diagnosed in 2010. Every year since, she has met her fundraising target of $10,000 through sausage sizzles, fun runs, jelly bean raffles, and more. She has become the face of type 1 diabetes in the area she lives, and regularly appears in the media to talk about living with type 1 diabetes as well as speaking at local meetings. Shannon is an active government advocate and was nominated for a Child with Courage award. 

State Volunteer of the Year Award Winners

Australian Capital Territory

Mel Eveille - State Volunteer of the Year Award (Impact)

Mel raised $2500 in a charity lunch, and also won the Canberra Community Hero award, raising $20,000 for JDRF. With lots of media opportunities because of the award and the charity lunch, Mel educated the general public about what type 1 diabetes is all about. She has also recently started working with the local support group and is an active government advocate.

New South Wales

Fahina Talanoa - State Volunteer of the Year Award (Impact)

Fahina has been an active fundraiser since his son was diagnosed in 2007. Since then, he's held fundraising barbecues at work, collected donation tins around pubs, clubs and friends,a nd sells food and drinks at local soccer games with all proceeds going to JDRF. His dedication is making a difference in achieving a better life not just for his son but all people with type 1 diabetes.

Helene Brunker - State Volunteer of the Year Award (Contribution)

Helene has been a JDRF volunteer since 1992 when her son William was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. In that time, she has volunteered at numerous JDRF activities and events including the Walk to Cure Diabetes, the Jelly Baby Gala Ball, and the Sydney Chapter Meetings (a predecessor to the Peer Support Program). 

Becky Holt - State Young Volunteer of the Year Award

Becky embarked on a six month fundraising crusade 'Cut for a Cure' where she cut off her waist-length hair to raise money for type 1 diabetes. She held barbecues, golf days, cinema days, school dress down days, and got a lot of individual donations as well. She appeared on Sunrise for the actual cut, and got lots of other media opportunities as well. Overall, she raised over $16,000. 


Brenda Storey - State Volunteer of the Year Award (Impact) & State Volunteer of the Year (Contribution)

Brenda organised the Dalby Gala Dinner, raising over $40,000. For the last three years she has also organised the Jelly Baby Rugby Day which is a great awareness raising opportunity, as well as raising $14,000 in the past two years. 

Before Brenda started fundraising for JDRF, many people did not know who JDRF was, or what type 1 diabetes was. She has helped to educate people about the disease, with many local businesses volunteering to contribute towards her fundraising activities. 

Carrie Forbes - State Young Volunteer of the Year Award

Carrie has been engaged in a number of activities since diagnosis, including Promise to Remember Me and Kids in the House in 2012, where she continued to strengthen her relationship with local government representatives. She also volunteered and assisted at the JDRF Gala Ball and the Jump to Cure Diabetes events. Over the years, she has also fundraised thousands of dollars through the Walk to Cure Diabetes.

South Australia

Eliza Bartlett - State Volunteer of the Year Award (Impact)

Eliza created her own unique fundraising event and walked from Adelaide to Melbourne over a thirteen day period. She managed to raise an amazing $25,000 for JDRF (through both fundraising events and individual donations), and got some amazing media coverage for her endurance event.

Ride to Cure Diabetes Committee - State Volunteer of the Year Award (Contribution)

The South Australian Ride to Cure Diabetes Committee has been active for six years, specifically working on ways to recruit more riders to the event, as well as ways to improve the event. Many committee members are also Riders themselves, and have helped to recruit the large number of SA riders every year.

Jordan Cirocco - State Young Volunteer of the Year Award

Since being diagnosed, Jordan has raised over $53,000 for type 1 diabetes research through the Walk to Cure Diabetes, Jelly Baby Month, and other activities. He has met with his local government representatives through Promise to Remember Me and Kids in the House, and also been on national television. He won SA Child of the Year 2012 for his dedication to type 1 diabetes awareness, and was presented his award by the Governor. 


Julie Merrett - State Volunteer of the Year Award (Impact)

Julie Merrett holds many fundraisers in Melbourne through the Walkers of Merrett team to raise funds for JDRF including gala balls, high teas, trash and treasure markets and more. Through her efforts, she has raised over $75,000 to date. She manages to coordinate a team of over 100 people to attend the Melbourne Walk to Cure Diabetes. Above all, Julie is always positive, and constantly working to raise awareness and funds to find a cure for her children and others with type 1 diabetes.

Joshua, Christian and Noah Merrett - State Young Volunteer of the Year Award

The Merrett boys have been integral members of the Walkers of Merrett fundraising committee, including public speaking at fundraising events, government advocacy activities and more. To date, their Walkers of Merrett have raised over $75,000. They are always ready advocates and willing to speak about their experience with type 1 diabetes to raise awareness of the disease.


Kylie Ettershank - State Volunteer of the Year Award (Impact)

For the past seven years, Kylie has been committed to raising awareness of type 1 diabetes and supporting families and JDRF, building a more active support and fundraising community in Tasmania. She is a Jelly Baby fundraiser, Hobart Walk organiser, auction coordinator and won a nationwide competition to support a charity of choice. She brings together a large cross section of the type 1 diabetes community from throughout the state.

Western Australia

Janet Woodall - State Volunteer of the Year Award (Impact)

Janet helped JDRF become the chosen beneficiary for the Colour Run event, which was a great success. Not only did JDRF manage to raise close to $40,000 at the event, but it was also a great opportunity to promote JDRF and awareness of type 1 diabetes.

Jenny Simonds - State Volunteer of the Year Award (Contribution)

Jenny has been involved with JDRF for the past two years, taking on the role of the Peer Support Coordinator for WA this past year and establishing great relationships with the families of WA. Recently, she has helped with the Jelly Baby Campaign, coordinating schools and shopping centre programs.

Rina Lewis - State Volunteer of the Year Award (Contribution)

Rina has been involved with JDRF for the past fifteen years, giving up her time to help with any fundraising event. She has been at the Walk to Cure Diabetes for the past ten years, and the Gala Ball as well. Her long history of volunteering with JDRF means that she can give lots of good advice about successful approaches to tackling event issues.

Fraser Rose - State Young Volunteer of the Year Award

Fraser is a JDRF Youth Ambassador and Government Advocate, and regularly speaks on JDRF's behalf, such as the KPMG Corporate Golf Day event. He attends the Walk to Cure Diabetes every year, and raised an amazing $15,000 last year. He appeared in a photo shoot to promote the Color Run in Perth and JDRF as the beneficiary of the event.