Researcher Profiles

Researcher Profiles
Researcher Profiles

JDRF Australia supports Australia's best young researchers through programs such as Travel Grants, PhD Top-Up Scholarships and general research grants. To find out more about some of these young researchers and their areas of research, click the links below.

Chun Ling Huang

The main focus of my research project is to investigate what role a particular potassium channel plays in the development of nephropathy. If we can determine what role it plays, we could then target this potassium channel to develop therapies that prevent or delay diabetes-related kidney disease. Read more

Dr Sybil McAuley

I am examining the blood levels of insulin and glucose following increases and decreases in background (basal) insulin pump infusion rates. The results generated from this research have the potential to help answer the important clinical question of how many basal rates are recommended to program into an insulin pump for a 24-hour period, and change the way people on pumps manage their diabetes. Read more

Eliana Marino

Dr. Eliana Mariño of Monash University recently received a Postdoctoral Fellowship Award from JDRF. She has previously received funding from JDRF through our Travel Grants programs, and shares her thoughts on what this funding has meant for her research, and for the type 1 diabetes community. Read more

Dr Jessica Pane

I began my research in the field of type 1 diabetes (T1D) as an honours student investigating how infection with rotavirus, a common cause of childhood diarrhoea, accelerates the development of T1D in mice. This research brought together my interest in virology and immunology with an emphasis on contributing to the understanding of T1D. Read more

Dimeng Pang

When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes five and a half years ago at the end of my university undergraduate studies, I decided to pursue a career in research. My major was in biochemistry and I was always interested in medical research. In a way, getting type 1 diabetes directed my career choice as I am passionate about finding a cure for T1D. I know first-hand what people with this disease have to deal with every day, and I want to see it end. Read more

Anna Pham-Short

For personal reasons, I’ve always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. Working in type 1 diabetes (T1D) for the past 7 years as a paediatric clinical diabetes dietitian has allowed me to meet hundreds of families with the opportunity to see my young patients grow up. Read more

Aaron McClelland

Aaron McClelland is a PhD candidate at Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, investigating the genomics of diabetes complications. He received a JDRF post-graduate research award to help further his research into the field of kidney disease. Read more.

Matthew Cooper

Matthew Cooper is a biostatistician and a PhD candidate in diabetes research at the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research in Western Australia. As an early-career researcher who specialises in analysing epidemiological and technology trial data relating to childhood-onset type 1 diabetes, he was supported by JDRF in 2013 with a travel grant to help develop and refine his research. Read more.