Type 1 Diabetes Research Agenda

Type 1 Diabetes Research Agenda
Type 1 Diabetes Research Agenda

A clear vision for the future

The Australian Type 1 Diabetes Research Agenda was developed in partnership with researchers, clinicians, funders, and patient representatives across Australia.

This unique document provides a comprehensive snapshot of the current Australian research landscape in type 1 diabetes, as well as a selected review of global research directions to which Australia's contributions are most significant with the strongest predictions of future growth.

The Agenda facilitates the establishment of a shared vision for type 1 diabetes research in Australia and encourages increased and coordinated support research activities.

To this end, it:

  • Identifies existing Australian research strengths and capabilities relevant to type 1 diabetes
  • Describes internationally relevant type 1 diabetes research priorities for Australia
  • Encourages collaboration and communication between academia, clinicians, governments, commercial organisations, funding bodies and the type 1 diabetes community
  • Recommends further support to accelerate the advancement of Australian research and enable the translation of research into real clinical outcomes

A cure for type 1 diabetes will only be realised through the advancement of scientific and clinical research, and ongoing strong support for the research community by governments, business and community partners. This document represents a strong first step towards achieving this important goal.

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