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Welcome to Claire's Page

I'm creating my own fundraiser to raise funds for important medical research to improve the lives of those living with T1D. Please help me support JDRF by donating.


24 Hour Croquet Challenge

Managing Type 1 Diabetes is a 24 hour a day job.

My husband Trevor and I play competitive croquet so we thought the best way for us to contribute and pay homage to the giant effort of our 6 year old daughter, Evie and the thousands of kids and parents managing T1 like us, was to play croquet.

So along with the Shepparton Croquet Club we will be host to some of the Nations top croquet players including the World #1 as we all play for 24 hours straight to raise funds and awareness for Type 1 Diabetes.

The event will start from

10am on Saturday the 23rd of Jan until 10am Sunday the 24th

The Shepparton Croquet Club is situated at 

21 Winston Street, Shepparton Victoria

It's state of the art facilities and pristine lawns are the perfect back drop for the 24 hours of play.

It will be a show case of both Association and Golf Croquet with opportunity for anyone to participate at stages through the 24 hours. 

Please email for event details.

24 hours isn't a long time in someones life but when you manage a chronic illness 24 hours, seven days a week.....well you can only imagine.

These are kids that have to be tough and are supported by parents and families that are fighting their child's fight with them. Please donate and help us on the road to a cure.

My Sponsors
Anonymous 4/04/2016 $150.00
Rob & Clare Jackson 4/02/2016 $50.00 Great effort for a great result!
Wendy Gorton 27/01/2016 $50.00
Bill Blowes 25/01/2016 $50.00 Great job Jim.
Una O'Dwyer 25/01/2016 $20.00
Susie Munro 25/01/2016 $25.00
Trevor Bassett 25/01/2016 $723.30 Great job everyone, the support is very much appreciated!
Blaise Northey 24/01/2016 $100.00 Was a great event for a terrific cause. Shion and I had a lot of fun playing.
Kylie Gorton 24/01/2016 $20.00 Sorry we couldn't be there looks like you had a great turn out and lots of fun love from The Gorton's (Chris, Kylie and Jacobi) xx
Linda Baker 24/01/2016 $100.00 Well done Claire and Trev. A great cause and lots of fun as well.
Thanks. Linda and Jack Baker
Tamara Currie 24/01/2016 $50.00 Claire & Trevor, this was a wonderful event ! For a great cause. We had such a fabulous day. We dream of the day we can say, remember when our daughter had Type One Diabetes, and many of our friends had T1D .... We dream when can say , T1D can be cured.
Marie Nicholls 24/01/2016 $37.00 Go Jim
Kevin Beard 23/01/2016 $100.00
Stephen Forster 23/01/2016 $50.00 All the best. Hope you reach your target.
Peter Landrebe 23/01/2016 $50.00 Lots of love , Pete and Rosie
Joanne McGregor 23/01/2016 $50.00 Thanks for a fun arvo Claire! Great cause, here's hoping for a cure...
Wendy Dickson 23/01/2016 $50.00 Sorry we couldn't be there! Anne & Wendy
Charlotte Morgan 23/01/2016 $100.00 Would have been nice to be there to offer even more support. I hope this helps you to reach your goals. Have a great day - all 24 hours of it!
Anonymous 22/01/2016 $14.00 Wanted to round off the donations!
Addison Howard 22/01/2016 $25.00 In the hope that a cure can be found xx
Sarah Davis 22/01/2016 $25.00
Natalie Stephenson 22/01/2016 $100.00 Great cause, great kid, even greater family x
Shirley Cleal 22/01/2016 $20.00
Wagga RSL Club 21/01/2016 $300.00
Aleisha Bald 21/01/2016 $50.00 From Ken, Lorraine and family
Anonymous 21/01/2016 $50.00
Jean Pack 21/01/2016 $50.00
Lindsay Garnock 21/01/2016 $50.00 Go Jim
Roger Buddle 20/01/2016 $50.00
Anonymous 20/01/2016 $25.00
Mike Jenner 20/01/2016 $50.00
David Stanton 20/01/2016 $200.00
Greg Whymark 20/01/2016 $100.00 Have fun and hope you raise lots. Don't forget the sunrise peels!
Rosemary Newsham 20/01/2016 $100.00
Jenny Reid 20/01/2016 $50.00 Have a great day. What a terrific idea
Anonymous 20/01/2016 $25.00
Denise Partridge 20/01/2016 $25.00 Good luck I hope the weather is kind.
Jeanette Weeden 20/01/2016 $25.00
Stephen Howes 20/01/2016 $50.00
Synergy Group Australia 20/01/2016 $200.00 Have fun Nick!
Dianne Diprose 20/01/2016 $116.00
Ian Dumergue 19/01/2016 $50.00 Sorry we couldn't be there. All best for a wonderful 24 hours! Hope you achieve the goal.
Matthews Ebony 19/01/2016 $25.00 I hope every little bit helps for my friend and neighbour Evie. Love Dane Matthews
Peter Freer 13/01/2016 $50.00 Best wishes for 2016, and this event, Claire
Nerida Taylor 13/01/2016 $50.00 Claire and Trev- a very worthy cause. Should be fun too!
Elizabeth Bassett 13/01/2016 $50.00 Wish we could add a lot of 0's.
Good hitting guys. Love Pops & Wizzy xx
Maree Skinner 5/01/2016 $50.00 Great idea to run the 24 Croquet Fundraiser Claire Bassett - best wishes for a successful day.
Karen Tasker 5/01/2016 $50.00 So proud of you for all the fabulous things you do to make life so wonderful for your children.
Total: $3,800.30