Create Your Own Fundraiser

Welcome to Malcolm's Page

I'm creating my own fundraiser to raise funds for important medical research to improve the lives of those living with T1D. Please help me support JDRF by donating.

You can also donate by purchasing an Uglybustards footy tipping stubbyholder from my good mate Ugly Bustard at Uglybustards dot com.  Stubbyholders are $10 and $5 goes to JDRF for each purchase.

 Go yoooouse Ugly Bustaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrds!!!!!!

My Sponsors
Michael Barley 5/10/2018 $22.50 Theremonstrator donates his 2018 3rd place winnings, great effort 'Monstrator!
UB 5/10/2018 $10.00 Flopalot donates his 2018 jackpot winnings, well done Flop!
Rebecca Bullock 15/06/2018 $10.00 BecCG preseason donation
Peter Lewis 13/11/2017 $10.50 legend Pete Lewis donates part of his 3rd placing prize money
Tony Kibler 30/10/2017 $5.00 Tony Kibler making a kind donation to the Uglybustards Salary Cap
Peter Lewis 30/10/2017 $5.00 thanks Pete!
Brendan Griggs 30/10/2017 $23.00 thank you 2017 Uglybustards Champeen Griggsy
Anonymous 9/05/2017 $5.00 BecCG donates during 2017 pre-season as part of entry fee. Thanks Bec!
Peter Lewis 10/10/2016 $74.50 Pete Lewis donates entire winnings to the cause, well done Pete!
Ian Bare 10/10/2016 $36.50 Val Perovic "woofed" his winnings to find a cure for type 1 diabetes! well done Val (aka Mistah Ian Bare)
Thomas Cornell 2/06/2016 $10.00 Flopalot makes another donation. Gut wrenching effort from the Uglybustards superstar!
Anonymous 30/05/2016 $10.00 donation from Mik Barley. Onya 'Monstrator!
Rebecca Bullock 23/10/2015 $5.00 BecCG 2015 tipping winnings donation
Peter Gleeson 23/10/2015 $15.00 Peter Gleeson donating entire 2015 footy tipping winnings, thanks Peter!!!
Mal Rofe 23/10/2015 $20.00 matching Peter Gleeson's donation and a bit more as interest
Pete Lewis 23/10/2015 $20.00 PETELEWIS donation of entire 2015 tipping winnings. Thank you Pete!!!
Sam Griggs 23/10/2015 $13.50 Sam Griggs & Amy Jones donation from 2015 tipping winnings
Ben Grant 23/10/2015 $25.00 Zenben's donation of his entire 2015 tipping winnings, less 2016 entry, same as the two Pete's. Thanks ZenBen!!!
Tony Watson 27/07/2015 $5.00 Arnold Laynes stubbyholder donation
Brendan Griggs 4/06/2015 $10.00 Griggsy & Billy Griggs stubbyholder donations
Malcolm Rofe 4/06/2015 $42.50 Uglybustards winnings on the 75.5 pt line Swans Vs Blues Fridee noit at the SCG 29/5/15 GO YOU MIGHTY BLUESBAGGERRRSSSSS!!!
Neal Williams 4/06/2015 $5.00 Rhino33's stubbyholder donation
Mik Barley 4/06/2015 $5.00 Mik Barley stubbyholder donation
Thomas Cornell 4/06/2015 $10.00 Flopalots donation to the cause as he has won too many stubbyholders over the journey
Iain 'Lazybastard' Johnson 30/04/2015 $5.00 Lazy bastards stubby holder donation
Ben 'ZenBen' Grant 30/04/2015 $5.00
Ben Grant 8/10/2014 $5.00 Ben Grant - $5 stubbyholder donation
Ugly Bustard 29/05/2014 $60.00 $5 donation x 12 Uglybustards stubbyholder sold
Malcolm Rofe 28/05/2014 $60.00
Total: $533.00