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JDRF advocacy provides a unique opportunity for you to help take one step closer to treating, curing and preventing type 1 diabetes. With other advocates, some young, some adult, you'll have a vital role in building links between people affected by type 1 diabetes and Australia's politicians. By reaching out to today's decision makers you'll give them a better understanding of life with type 1 diabetes, and have an opportunity to get their support in helping to find a cure.

JDRF will help you all along the way. But you're the expert on type 1 diabetes. We'll be asking you to share your story of living with type 1 diabetes, and put a face to the 122,300 Australians who have the disease.

JDRF has built a reputation in Canberra as a most effective advocacy organisation, as a direct result of the personal relationships our advocates and their families have developed over time with their local MPs. Working together, JDRF advocates have achieved:

    • In March 2010, Kids in the House families secured a $5m grant for the Clinical Trial Network from the Federal Government
    • In 2011, several families worked with the media and JDRF to secure a long awaited increase in age eligibility for the Federal Government's Carers Allowance, resulting in an additional $43m in support to the type 1 community
    • During 2012 hundreds of families joined the Promise to Remember Me campaign resulting in over 140 meetings between JDRF advocates and their families and local MPs
    • In November 2012, 100 Kids in the House families travelled to Parliament House and met with politicians from both parties
    • JDRF Advocates confirmed an election commitment of $35m from the Coalition. This is the amount needed over five years to expand the JDRF Clinical Research Network to more effectively pursue a cure for type 1 diabetes in Australia
    • In 2017 the Government delivered on their promise of $54m over 4 years towards Continuous Glucose Monitoring for young Australians under the age of 21
    • During 2018, hundreds of families joined the Promise to Remember Me campaign for the 3rd stage of the Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research Network (T1DCRN). Resulting in morning/afternoon teas with a mix of local MPs and Senators, MP and Senator involvement in events around the country with over 200 advocate meetings with parliamentarians taking place in their electorate offices.
    • Kids in the House 2018 saw 230 advocates, volunteers and JDRF staff come together to visit their MPs at Parliament House in Canberra to emphasise the importance of the Type T1DCRN. The work did not stop there, post Kids in the House saw advocates campaign further to secure a commitment with the key message – we want a cure for T1D, we won’t stop until we do, we know that research holds the key
    • January 2019 saw the Australian Labor Party commit to an election promise of $50M for the T1DCRN which was celebrated in Melbourne, Victoria with advocates families from across the county in attendance – it was also widely celebrated with our broader T1D community. You can read more here
    • February 2019 BIPARTISAN COMMITMENT ACHIEVED the Federal Coalition Government committed to $54.5M for Type 1 Diabetes research. The announcement took place in Perth WA alongside the Health Minister and many passionate advocate families. You can read more here.
    • Both T1DCRN announcements attracted a large amount of media with local papers publishing bipartisan articles with their local JDRF advocates. Our advocates and Members of Parliament shared their excitement and gratitude via many social media channels.
    • March 2019, JDRF advocates, volunteers and JDRF staff as part of the T1DCRN are now busily thanking their MP and or Senator’s for their tireless support for Type 1 Diabetes research.

But this is just the beginning. Join us today as a JDRF advocate. To find out more, contact our Government Relations Team on 02 9020 6100 or