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JDRF advocacy provides a unique opportunity for you to help take one step closer to treating, curing and preventing type 1 diabetes. With other advocates, some young, some adult, you'll have a vital role in building links between people affected by type 1 diabetes and Australia's politicians. By reaching out to today's decision makers you'll give them a better understanding of life with type 1 diabetes, and have an opportunity to get their support in helping to find a cure.

JDRF will help you all along the way. But you're the expert on type 1 diabetes. We'll be asking you to share your story of living with type 1 diabetes, and put a face to the 122,300 Australians who have the disease.

JDRF has built a reputation in Canberra as a most effective advocacy organisation, as a direct result of the personal relationships our advocates and their families have developed over time with their local MPs. Working together, JDRF advocates have achieved:

  • In March 2010, Kids in the House families secured a $5m grant for the Clinical Trial Network from the Federal Government
  • In 2011, several families worked with the media and JDRF to secure a long awaited increase in age eligibility for the Federal Government's Carers Allowance, resulting in an additional $43m in support to the type 1 community
  • During 2012 hundreds of families joined the Promise to Remember Me campaign resulting in over 140 meetings between JDRF advocates and their families and local MPs
  • In November 2012, 100 Kids in the House families travelled to Parliament House and met with politicians from both parties
  • JDRF Advocates confirmed an election commitment of $35m from the Coalition. This is the amount needed over five years to expand the JDRF Clinical Research Network to more effectively pursue a cure for type 1 diabetes in Australia
  • In 2017 the Government delivered on their promise of $54m over 4 years towards Continuous Glucose Monitoring for young Australians under the age of 21
  • The achievements of individual child advocates were reported in newspapers across the country
  • Hundreds of advocates used social media to lobby their local MP, other influential MPs and the broader community.

But this is just the beginning. Join us today as a JDRF advocate. To find out more, contact our Government Relations Team on 02 9020 6100 or