Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research Resource Map

Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research Resource Map
Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research Resource Map

The Australian-first Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research Resource Map is a first ever snapshot analysis of the type 1 diabetes clinical research landscape in Australia. 

Incorporating data collected in interviews with leading Australian clinical researchers, the Resource Map has identified five key areas in the research development pipeline that could accelerate, expand, and increase the impact of Australian type 1 diabetes clinical research. 

The five key opportunities identified in the research pipeline are:

  • Invest in new ideas and new researchers: Fund transformative projects and support emerging clinician researchers
  • Accelerate research translation: Invest in moving research from the laboratory to human trials
  • Establish targeted clinical research funding schemes: Increased duration and funding
  • Connect Australian clinical research resources and infrastructure: Facilitate national access
  • Build targeted partnerships and collaborations: Partner with global networks and industry

Importantly, the Resource Map has revealed that a range of sophisticated clinical research tools and valuable research resources already exist in Australia, but that they are fragmented across research institutions. There is a key opportunity for increasing researcher access to these existing resources through investment into infrastructure that will enable resources to be connected and shared. Enhancing researcher access to these vital tools and resources will maximise investment into clinical research and pave the way for accelerated research progress and faster outcomes for people living with type 1 diabetes. 

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To learn more about Australian clinical trials in type 1 diabetes, please visit www.t1dcrn.org.au

Macquarie Group Foundation JDRF

The research and publication of the Resource Map was supported by the Macquarie Group Foundation and JDRF Australia.