Type 1 Diabetes Community

Type 1 Diabetes Community
Type 1 Diabetes Community

JDRF is committed to improving the lives of the type 1 diabetes community by keeping you informed about the latest developments in type 1 diabetes research and by providing a range of support services to help you from initial diagnosis through to managing life with type 1 diabetes. 

Type 1 Diabetes Community

Path to a Cure

Our type 1 diabetes blog has regular posts about life with type 1 diabetes, medical research and the search for a cure. The posts will be about all things type 1 diabetes and readers have the ability to post comments.

Social Media

We want to bring people together into an empowered and dynamic online community, and to encourage information sharing, friendships and informal support mechanisms in our community. Join us and get talking.

Support For Families

Our Peer Support Program connects people affected by type 1 diabetes together so they can quickly gain the support of the community and learn how to effectively manage life with type 1 diabetes.

Support for Adults

Our online support team is made up of many compassionate volunteers who know first-hand the ever-changing demands of living with T1D. Contact us with your questions.

T1D Guide for Adults

The digital Straight to the Point is a definitive guide to life with type 1 diabetes as an adult. Written by adults with type 1 diabetes and health care professionals, it contains practical advice on day-to-day life with type 1 diabetes. Download it now.

Support Groups

Passionate people around Australia from the type 1 diabetes community are committed to providing a support system for other families and individuals living with the disease. Join them at a support group near you now.

Insulin Pump Grants

Find out more about accessing government subsidies to help make insulin pump therapy more affordable and accessible to children under 18.

Community events

Connect with the type 1 diabetes community at one of these fun community events.